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Code Compare is a powerful tool designed to compare and merge differing files and folders
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28 May 2013

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Code Compare Pro, an indispensable code comparison tool from Devart. New version of Code Compare comes with significantly increased startup speed. It can be used as a standalone application or VS add-in. Integration with Visual Studio helps to make all comparing and merging operations within one environment at the same time.
New XML Structure Comparison feature of Code Compare allows users to compare and merge well-formed XML files taking into account their structure. It correlates XML elements and thus makes it easier to detect their movement, deletion and addition in the document text.
The folder comparison feature shows differences between selected folders and allows you to compare files in them. Folder comparison new features:
*Speed of directory comparison has increased by 40%
*Commands for navigation through changes is implemented
*Commands for multiple files selection by the type of change is added
*Possibility to copy the selected files to a user-defined directory is added
*Concepts of copying files and synchronizing directories have been split. From now on the user manages the process of changes moving in a more accurate way
*Possibility to overwrite read-only files during copying is added.
Code Compare integration into the Atmel Studio has been implemented. Developers of Atmel processor-based and micro-controller applications are able to use all the advantages of Code Compare integration into the development environment.
Key features:
*Folder comparison and merge
*Integration into Visual Studio 2010, and 2012
*Command line interface and VCS integration
*File editor with search and bookmarks
*Use Intellisense while comparing code
*Syntax highlighting for multiple languages
*Show changes within compared code lines
*3-way comparison and merge
*Structure code comparison
*Changes navigation window
*Difference Explorer
*Unchanged regions collapsing
*Word-by-word file comparison
*Support for source control systems

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